1) Organic Sugar Wax

• Can this be used on the face? Yes, can be used to wax your eyebrows, upper lip and facial hair.

• Can this be used on the bikini area? Yes.

• How can you store the wax? You can either refrigerate it or keep it in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

• ‘I have never waxed on my own before’ – Our waxing kit has an instruction manual that beginners can follow making it easy for anyone to use.

• Is the wax free from nasties? Yes, it only contains natural ingredients, (no dyes and fragrance has been added).

2) Armpit Detox 

• Can the armpit detox be used daily? The detox can be used daily as it does not contain any nasties/harmful chemicals.

• How frequently should I use it? The mask can be used as frequently as you prefer.

• What does the armpit detox do? It detoxes your underarms from toxins and chemicals that may have been absorbed from the use of deodorants, as well as the build-up of sweat and impurities.

• Can it be used on children? Can be used on children over the age of 10.

• Does it brighten my armpits? Some of our customers have seen their armpits lighten, however we cannot assure that you will experience the same effect, as the detox has been mainly formulated for detoxing and odor reduction purposes.

• Is this pregnancy safe? Yes.

• Can it be used on children? Can be used on children over the age of 10.

3) Aloe Vera Gel

• Can this be used on your scalp and hair? Yes.

• Can we use the aloe gel for sunburn? Yes.

• Can we use a normal ‘moisturizer’ over the aloe vera gel? Yes.

• Can this be used as a moisturizer? We wouldn’t recommend this to be as a “stand alone” moisturizer.

4) Glow Serum

• I have oily skin, will the ‘Glow Oil’ exacerbate it? It is a myth that facial oils clog pores and exacerbate oily skin.

• Will the serum cause me to breakout? All oils used in this facial oil are non-comedogenic, hence there is zero chance for breakouts.

• Will the Glow oil reduce hyper-pigmentation? Yes, it gradually reduces dark marks/hyperpigmentation and addresses uneven skin tone.

• How long does a 10ml bottle last? 1 month.

5) Fuller’s Earth Clay Mask

• Can this be used on sensitive skin? Yes.

• Can this be used for sunburn? Yes.

• Can this be used daily? Yes, however we recommend that you use this twice a week.

6) Clay Turmeric

• Does this mask address skin pigmentation? The mask gives dull skin a brighter, healthier glow & smooth tone.

• Does this mask address acne? Yes, it systematically reduces excess oil which contributes to a reduction of acne.

• Will I feel a light tingling sensation? Some may experience a light tingling sensation due to the turmeric included in the mask.

7) Natural Deodorant

• Does this eliminate odour? 24-hour protection from odour.

• Does this contain natural ingredients? Yes, all ingredients are natural.

• Has fragrance been included in the deodorant? No added fragrances.