Dear Skin Care Fam!

Here at Blush Ceylon we listen to our customers. We strive hard to address their needs and take every bit of feedback seriously.

In 2022, we will unleash our sophisticated new range formulated from an array of high performing plant derived ingredients sourced from around the world.

Our artisanal range endeavours to bring the latest skincare trends to your doorstep with quality, competitive pricing and a low carbon footprint.

Taking care of your skin involves more than just a sporadic application once in a while. We believe skincare is a lifestyle and a good skin-care routine (with a few important lifestyle adjustments) can help you maintain a healthy glow from the inside out!

Skincare can be confusing and frustrating! Don't worry, we will manage your routine and help you understand your skin better.

We aim to solve your skincare related concerns through dedicated research and development while prioritising customer safety and above all things we promise to use only the highest quality raw materials that have passed rigorous safety standards during production.

I hope Blush Ceylon empowers you to take charge of your skin’s health and achieve your best skin yet!

We thank all our customers for supporting and trusting us throughout our journey and most of all choosing a truly Sri Lankan brand.

We’d also like to thank our business partners in making this passion project a reality!

Founder – Blush Ceylon